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Welcome to School Caterers

We are School Caterers - a well established fully licensed catering company, specializing in providing Quality, Healthy, Delicious and a well balanced nutritionally enriched food for kids. We have been granted the privilege of serving the Bay area schools for the past 12 years. The Hot Lunches that comes from our state-of-the-art kitchen, under strict health codes, are designed to a delicious healthy balanced " meal plan", which is unique. This is done by our dedicated kitchen staff qualified in the preparation of food for kids. It is a clean healthy "Home lunch away from home".

At School caterers, Menus are changed frequently to provide your child with a variety lunch. Our aim is to supply the Best for your kids TODAY as they are going to be our Leaders TOMORROW. We enjoy being # 1 in the Town for Meals for Kids. On Fridays our Menu is Pizza. Our quality Pizzas are from Pizza Hut, where they use real cheese and not artificial cheese as some other caterers do. We in our kitchen never use artificial flavors, colors, flavor enhancements products at all. Right now we use all Organic Carrots, and Broccoli and will be introducing more Organic products into our Menus in the coming year.

 Our Policy

Our kitchen policy is simple. We use authentic ingredients, cook from scratch and start with food in its simplest, most natural form. We purchase and use locally available and Seasonal products. We keep our food alive by making it flavorful and nutritional. The use of MSG is never allowed in the preparation of our foods. Although our freezers are small our intention to serve great food is big.

Our Kitchen

Our kitchen is fully equipped and licensed by the Department of Environment Health Services. All foods are prepared by qualified personnel with utmost care. Fresh ingredients are always used in our kitchen together with the best cooking techniques in order to preserve the nutritional value and health aspects in mind.


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