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Our dream is to be the best School Lunch provider in town. We as School Caterers, have a deep appreciation for the hard work of our educators. We want to do all we can to support you! In order to do this, we have developed this School Lunch program to help your school.

We work for you. Come join SCHOOL CATERERS as we continue on this exciting journey of making your kids’ school lunch experience even better! We serve real food with real ingredients. 

What kids call “Lunch”, We call “Nutrition”!

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We Are School Caterers

A well established, fully licensed catering company that specializes in providing quality, healthy, delicious, well-balanced and nutritionally-enriched food for kids. We have been granted the privilege of serving the Bay Area schools for the past 18 years. The hot lunches that come from our state-of-the-art kitchen, under strict health codes, are designed to deliver a delicious, healthy, balanced meal plan, which is unique. This is done by our dedicated kitchen staff qualified in the preparation of food for kids. It is a clean, healthy "Home lunch away from home".

At School Caterers, our goal is to bring kid-approved, flavorful meals to schools. What kids call "Lunch", we call "Nutrition". We serve Bay Area schools with honesty, dignity and, above all, quality. This is our INDISPUTABLE CERTIFICATE to parents and schools.

Our Policy

Our kitchen policy is simple. We use authentic ingredients, cooked from scratch using food in its simplest, most natural form. We purchase and use locally available and seasonal products. We keep our food alive by making it flavorful and nutritious. The use of MSG is never allowed in the preparation of our foods. Although our freezers are small, our intention to serve great food is big.

Our Kitchen

Our kitchen is fully equipped and licensed by the Department of Environmental Health Services. All foods are prepared by qualified personnel with utmost care. Fresh ingredients are always used in our kitchen together with the best cooking techniques in order to preserve the nutritional value and health.

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